Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Still Sucking at my Qwest

Life goes on. Things get stranger. Having worked in a large bureaucracy I can understand how things work.

No, I can't.

I've never understood institutional incompetence. After all, any organization is made up only of individual persons. I've met a lot of dorks but even stupid people aren't stupid all over. Mostly they're smart enough, just stupid in spots.

Organizations aren't like that. They are the opposite. Organizations are stupid all over, and only smart in spots. Only smart in the spot where you happen to be dealing with a single individual who happens to care a little bit for no particular reason. They never have to, but sometimes one of them does.

So here I am trying to deal with Qwest Communications on an issue that began in April of this year. And guess what? No progress.

No, wait. That isn't right. There is progress.

Usually when someone says "progress" what they mean is that things are moving "forward", getting better in some way, but the word "progress" doesn't really imply that. Progress means only that things are moving. In fact, they may get worse as well as better. So that's it. Progress.

In reverse. But progress. I should stop using that word.

First my internet service went out. It was the DSL modem that I was leasing. I returned it. Then Qwest offered to send me another one, free, with no shipping charges, to keep. For some reason. OK by me, so I accepted.

But it didn't show up. After eight phone calls and talking to nine different representatives, and being promised delivery on three different dates, and having this whole deal confirmed by five different representatives, nothing happened.

Then Qwest charged me another month's lease fee on the DSL modem I no longer had.

I gave up calling and began writing. So far I've sent seven letters. No response.

I complained to the state Utilities and Transportation Commission, to be told that they didn't deal with broadband, only land lines. Since I have a land line connection I don't get this, but so be it. I'll complain to the FCC if I have to.

Then Qwest sent me a different DSL modem than the one they promised, and charged me over $70, including shipping fees and tax.

I'm going to start a small claims lawsuit and see what happens. I have no idea what they are up to. The modem they sent has with it an invoice with one order id, and a letter I got congratulating me on signing up for Qwest broadband service has a different order id. Of course it doesn't matter that I did not sign up for Qwest broadband service again. I did that in 2004. Let alone the fact that I have placed no order.

And still they don't respond.

What I'd like, what I'd love, is if they don't show up in court for some reason. Make it an uncontested case, which I win by default. And then they continue to ignore me. So I can put a lien on their property. Keep them from selling any property in the state. For the next 10 years, renewable for another 10 after that.

That would be worth it.



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