Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Drawing From Talent

I don't know where to take this. Maybe at times it's good just to throw a link at the wall and let things be. I stumbled on Drawger somehow. I have no idea how, but it was worth it.

I guess Drawger is sort of a communal blog for illustrators. Not sure yet how to navigate it. Maybe slowly, bumping into things by trial and error. That seems to work for the best things in life.

What? "What: Drawger is a central spot on the web where illustrators are writing about whatever it is they're writing about at the time, and showing stuff as well."

Two artists I like a lot (the first two I found) are Michael Sloan and Zina Saunders. I wish I had talent. I can only scribble. Takes work to write, takes work to read.

Illustration is different. Takes work to create, but is read without effort.

Oh, well. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

So, like five minutes later I find "The Little Girl Giant". This is a good day.


Michael Sloan: "Professor Nimbus"
Michael Sloan: "The Zen of Professor Nimbus"
Zina Saunders


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