Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Leg Godt Plays Well With Holes

Found Photography is a good blog. It's what a blog really should be.

One person, one topic, in his own words.

Adrian Hanft, III is the person, photography is the topic, and the words are his. He likes old and odd cameras, and odd photos. "I can think of nothing more boring than a photo that looks exactly like I planned. For me the beauty is in the chaos, not the organization. You point your film in the direction of something interesting and hope for the best."

I guess that's why he took to pinhole photography. And why he decided to use Lego to make a camera. And ended up making three of them.

A quick search didn't turn up any others. Maybe a longer search would. All the hits I could find were either links to his site or ended up referring to him in the end.

So this may be a really small photographic niche, but it's fun.


Found Photography
Adrian3, the personal blog of Adrian Hanft
Be A Design Group, a now closed design blog
Medium Format Pinhole Lego 1
Lego Panoramic Camera
Updated 35mm Lego Camera Design
George Bristol’s Lego variation


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