Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Qwester Bester Tester

I go to court on Friday, October 3. I don't want this. No telling how long all this will drag on yet.

Qwest Communications has ignored me for six months, charged me for service I did not have, failed to send me equipment they promised (five times, total), and then for some reason, possibly illegally, sent me equipment I did not order, and then charged me for it.

I've tried to act in good faith, paying the charges and repeatedly warning the company that I would take it to court if I had to.

The result: nothing. Total silence. Blank wall.


That went on until I actually filed in small claims court. Suddenly they made an offer. I didn't add up the numbers but they are about right, except for the time I've wasted, which is about two solid weeks so far, with several hours on the phone, many hours writing letters, and a whole buncha time researching how to file a claim, doing xeroxing, sitting in at court to see how it goes, and so on.

About right, except for paragraph five on page two. In which I would sign away all rights ever to speak about this whole mess to anyone.

Moot point.

I've already disseminated the information so I would have been in violation of the agreement as soon as I signed it, and then they could sue me so deep I'd never see daylight again.

Better to go to court and waste another day, and then come to some kind of agreement and have them appeal, and then when they lose again find out that they may not pay anyway, and then start all over again. But the bottom line, as they say, is that I'm wasting more of their money and time than of my own, so at least I get a bit of revenge out of all this.

How pathetic is that?

Pretty pathetic, but amusing, and I'm learning something about the court system from the front row.


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