Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ttypo gewnerator (typogenerator)

One of my favorite ways to waste time is a little tool developed by Katharina Nussbaumer during a student project at The Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences in 2004. It's called "typogenerator". You enter some text and it generates a "typo poster", a small poster-like image made of the letters in your text.

It may also grab some random images off the net to use as background. It used to do this anyway. Mostly it seems to prefer a solid color.

What you do is to enter some text and decide whether the format should be portrait or landscape. After your first result returns you can also choose to vary the text style, the text colors, and the background.

If you find an agreeable result you can have it regenerate the same image in a 640 by 480 pixel size, which isn't very big, but is larger than the standard output. You can save this larger image for later.

Sometimes the generator seems to get stuck in a rut, returning image after image in shades of red and orange, or blue and blue-green. Every now and then though you get something that works. Maybe it's the shape or placement of the letters, or the background color, or the text colors.

When that happens you can freeze the elements you like and let the others vary. I usually stumble on a combination of text and background color that works, and vary the text colors.

Sometimes it takes forever until something clicks. Sometimes I can't stop because everything looks good.

Once you have a set of images you can upsize them, layer them, do color negatives, edge enhancement, or anything else that seems interesting.

Or use what you've gotten back as a starting point for some custom work, inspired by the typogenerator results.

Thank you, Katharina. You're also lovely.

SEOBook typographic error generator (stumbled on while researching this)


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