Wednesday, February 11, 2009

IPV6: I Pee Venomously Six Times

Since installing Kubuntu 8.04 I have been seriously annoyed about one thing: Opera doesn't work.

Piffle, you say? But nay. This is my tool of choice. It is the most usable browser ever made. I use it constantly, and I need it.Firefox has lots-o-addons, true, and you can configure it to do almost anything you want.

Except to become usable.

In an Opera sort of way.

Let me count the ways Opera offers something better
  • "Shift+G" disables stylesheets for those odd sites that are hard to read
  • Single keys, "0" and "9", either zoom in or zoom out of web pages, instantly
  • You can duplicate open tabs
  • You can detach an open tab from the browser window
  • You can move open tabs between browser windows
  • Access "Manage Bookmarks" and choose multiple pages to open
  • Right clicking on a page sends it through an HTML validator
  • Speed dial is built in
  • Mouse gestures are possible, and built in (though I never use them)
  • Choose to save page X and you get one file, X.mht, much easier to deal with than X.html and a directory of miscellaneous files
So what's the deal, then?

It didn't work. I had to install Wine, then Opera for Windows, which worked pretty well. Until it hung, or whatever. Opera for Linux on the other hand was useless. It would just sit there.

Except sometimes, when it would work perfectly on some sites, for a while, and then it wouldn't. Firefox always worked, as did Konqueror, but they aren't Opera.


I tried everything I could find. Zip.

Then last weekend I went back to some files I had downloaded from Ubuntu Forums, and dug a little deeper. I finally found something that worked. It wasn't easy to find or clear, but find it I did. To avoid confusing anyone I'll give the URL and a description of what finally worked for me.

It was a small change. Just one small change. And then Opera began working. Like a champ. Like the champ it is. I spent almost a whole day wallowing in Opera. Then I tried it on a second computer, and it worked there. Now I've uninstalled it from Wine, and will convert computer number three in a day or so.

Dang this is fine.

How to:
  1. Use an editor to open the file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist as an administrator
  2. Add: blacklist ipv6
  3. Reboot
  4. Check it by opening a terminal window and running ip a | grep inet6
  5. If you get no output then you have succeeded
Alternate method (which I have not tried).
  1. From a terminal window run: sudo echo "blacklist ipv6" > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
  2. Reboot
  3. Check it by opening a terminal window and running: ip a | grep inet6
  4. If you get no output then you have succeeded

How-To: Disable IPV6 to speed up Internet (search until you find the info that helps you...)


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