Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Color Me Colorful

Color palette generators:

Color Palette Creator
Color Palette Generator: Turns a photograph into a color scheme
Color Scheme Online
ColorBlender: Color matching and palette creation Web Color Combinations Testing Tool
colordb: Online tool for finding colors and schemes
ColorJack Sphere
ColorJack Studio Create and share colors Color Palette Generator
EasyRGB color palette creator
GenoPal Online Free tool for finding harmonious color schemes
Kuler: Create and share color schemes online
Wellstyled Color Scheme Generator 2
Wellstyled Color Scheme Generator 3

Color palettes, schemes, and info:

A glossary of terms related to color.
A simple introduction to color theory.
Adam Polselli: hues to Use in 2005.
AIGA: The Art of Camo.
Color Codes Matching Chart: Pantone/CMYK/RGB equivalents.
Color in Motion Flash color exploration.
Color Rules of Thumb with examples.
Color Schemer: website-ready color schemes.
Color shades in hexadecimal.
ColorBurn: winners of Firewheel Design's "ColorBurn" contest. Library of user-generated color schemes.
Colors Found in Nature and Interface Design.
Colors on the Web: articles about color usage online for designers.
Colour Lovers palettes.
Daily Color Scheme (Thru Sept. 2006, anyway.)
Darkeye: designs and color palettes by individual colors.
Design Melt Down: sites by dominant color.
EasyRGB Create color palettes, or search.
Fashion in Colors: color as a design element in Western fashion. (Flash)
Fashion Trendsetter: Color schemes based on fashion trends over the years.
Finding a color between two others.
General color theory principles.
Hair and Skin Color Charts. Color palettes based on images and photos.
List of named colors including gamma variations.
List of named colors with hex values.
List of Online Color Resources for Designers.
Mezzoblue: CMYK (for Those Who Do RGB).
Mezzoblue: Creating color palettes.
moreCrayons: Tools for finding web-smart colors.
Palettes: web Page Design for Designers.
Pantone home Interior color schemes. web designs and their color schemes.
Skin Color Charts.
Veerle: Choosing color combinations for websites.
VisiBone Webmaster's Color Lab Classic.
Web 2.0 Gradients: Photoshop gradient palettes.
Web 2.0 Specific colors.
What's Its Color: A color scheme based on an uploaded image.
Why Color Matters: Color in marketing and business.


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