Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who Is Responsible For This?

Who Is Responsible For You?

Someone once told me she was surprised that I wasn't blaming my parents for everything. Almost as if I were odd that way.

By not fitting the pattern.

All her friends, and, well, basically everyone she knew, when they talked about themselves and their lives and what they'd amounted to, blamed their parents. Or someone.

Surprising to hear that. I'm no saint, or model to emulate.



Blame is lame.

The deal is that at some point you have to claim your life, and so goes business too.

There are three concepts, as they relate to business. Let's say that
  • Accountability means knowing what's going on, that
  • Authority means you have the power to do something, and that
  • Responsibility means tag, you're it.
If you are accountable you are on top of things. You know the business and how it works, and you pay attention to what is happening, and you can give an account, but you don't necessarily run the thing.

If you are responsible you are on the hook. You may do something yourself personally, or delegate it out, but whatever, it is your fault. Or triumph.

OK, part three.

If you have authority then, expect to be responsible, because you are. And if you are not accountable too, you should be removed.

One horrible situation though: to be responsible but without authority. If you don't quite understand how this works then get a job in the nearest bureaucracy, and you will learn very soon what hell is.

Now we're finally close to it.

Part of being an adult in either the personal or the business sense is being responsible. Even if you don't have to be. You just do it. That's what adults do because that's what adults are.

Likely you have to feel your way into this as you grow up. Whether what you're doing is good, or meaningful, or worthwhile is a judgement call. You may be right, you may be wrong, or you may not know. But.

You still need to be responsible. To determine what right is, what wrong is, and to decide what you want.

Are you going for the jackpot? Are you being safe? Are you wading in a mire of confusion, not sure if you are being totally stupid and wasting your life? Or not? No matter.

You still are responsible for doing the right thing, for being patient and fair, and open minded, for giving credit where credit is due, for trying despite the odds, and for succeeding if you can.

Of course it helps to believe in what you are doing, that it is right and great and good, but even if it isn't you still are responsible for yourself and your actions.

And perhaps you will be off to one side of things, out of the mainstream, chugging along quietly at your own pace, pursuing your own interests. Most lives are like this.

And that is where the highest responsibility lies. That is where you are likely to find something unique, or to become unique, if you do it right.

Because if you stay there rubbing shoulders inside the flock and do only what is expected, and hope to be like everyone else, you will.

But if you fulfill your responsibilities to yourself (while remaining fair, and true to your commitments) you can be someone special. Someone special doing something special.

It is your responsibility.

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