Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Quickly Rich To Get?

No, it's about richness, not riches.

If everyone got rich we'd all be rich, right?


We'd all be average, like that one fish in a vast school of sardines in a boundless sea of ordinariness.

Take someone with a goal. Who has a job. Has chops. Is established and making a living.


But this person, instead of being a decent and reliable certified public accountant (or whatever -- take your pick), really and truly wants to be a famous and rich [novelist / chef / rocker / sports star / actor]. Insert your favorite word.

Also fine.

But there are problems. Who that person IS versus what that person DOES, or vice versa. Also known as The Meaning Of Life versus what's happenin'

There are huge rewards in doing the right useless things well, if you happen to be in the sweet spot and luck gives you a big wet kiss.

Consider being the world's greatest chef. Then consider a can of sardines and a pack of soda crackers. They are interchangeable. The fillips, filigrees, inventions, twists, turns, surprises, knobs, dials, bells, whistles, and doodads are fun but not essential.

Sure, every now and then someone so surprising and inventive with food attracts throngs who only want to throw money and be excited. No, not that often, but it happens. Pick another field: sports, acting, music. Same random effect.

Plan on hitting the jackpot as your career goal though and you're not likely to end up both happy and rich, or just happy, or just rich either, sad to say.

Reliable income for you comes from only a few areas: doing what others do not want to do, or doing what others can't, or doing what others can't and don't want to anyway. Basically, things that provide measurable value for others, and are a pain.

Do you really want to garden for dollars? Be paid for trout fishing? Lie around watching loot roll down the chute? You bet. So does everyone else, and most of them would kill you for the chance. At best you could find a volunteer opportunity, and still get death threats.

So utility works, but it's boring. And takes a long hard slog to get good at. And won't make you rich. And the glitzy stuff is like being hit by lightning. Like out of the blue, you know?

Disappointment is likely in the scenario of
  • Having a great idea at dawn
  • Getting noticed by noon
  • Selling out by evening
  • Going to live under a palm tree.
You can't do business that way. You can't do life that way either, really.

What works is
  • Finding a pleasant niche
  • Filling it well
  • Paying attention to details
  • Grabbing opportunities that do come by
  • Being honest and fair
  • Doing some fun stuff on the side "just because".
No, the fun stuff won't make you rich overnight, or at all, but it will keep your hand in. Will maintain the excitement, keep you alive, reaffirm who you ARE.

Don't go out shooting hoops hoping that the NBA will be begging you to sign.

But do keep shooting hoops if you like it. Keep in touch with your passions. Stay on your toes. Maintain your practice. Develop a sense of balance.

You never know when a skill you have or an idea you have or an odd bit of knowledge you've picked up will be the icing on a surprise cake.

And if you work both sides of the street, you'll be ready for anything.

So show up and do your job. But don't turn your back on those useless, wonderful, inspirational things either. Not now, and, come to think of it, not ever.

Because you never know.

From buznutt


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