Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Exploration Phase

Lost in the jungles of possibility.

I keep seeing a blog about fashion. Women's.

It keeps showing up. And. Now and then I take a look. Because.
  1. It's written by a lovely woman.
  2. Sometimes the titles tickle me fancy.
  3. The woman who writes it (lovely) has her husband photograph her in her constantly changing outfits (nice).
  4. The woman is lovely.
So cool for me. Not the point though.

Here I start sounding cranky. Recently she had to show off a new apartment.

Struck me, it did, this thing: Her drawers.

So neat. So tidy. So perfect. Bathroom arrangements. Toothpaste, bits of necessity in ranked orderly array.

She knew what she wanted, she needed, and made it so.

Her design was set.

She had the template.

She knew what worked.

She had a franchise for living.

She is so tidy and clean and organized that my teeth ache. Or something. Maybe it's teeth. There is an aching going on.

Her life, its organization, her pride in it: the parking lot at the end of a road. The product. The result. The manifestation. The culmination. The good idea fully fulfilled. A patented pattern. Fruition.

Good ideas, where do they start though? How?

Not printed 30 by 40 on glossy paper in six colors, handed out on street corners. Not to start.

Not laid out grid by grid with millimeter precision. Not to start.

Tidiness preserves. Tidiness tidies, suppresses. Tidiness is good, once you have a thing, to keep that thing squeaky and bright clean, in order, perfectly, forever. But you don't invent tidily.

Inventiveness needs mess. For inspiration. At least some. Some mess.

With some mess (not too much) and some disorder (a reasonable amount) you get hope of inspiration.

You never know. That's the thing.

You never know. Where or when or how or from what direction.

Creative destruction and creative anarchy are siblings. Don't be a slob, but cultivate fermentation. The right kind of mess can be in your head, and sit there comfortably, invisibly, a nest of ideas genially partying in the back room and tickling you now and again.

Get to know the process first, see what comes of it, and judge later.

Float when you have a problem or an assignment, for a while. Wander. In case of inspiration, take notes.

Be friendly, and welcoming to strangers, especially if they're emerging from your head. The right people, at the right time, too, in the right place, are good to have. The right teammates.

Explore. Explore it all. While maintaining a subcritical mass. For a bit. While you wait for the thousand flowers to bloom.

That is: First, make mistakes. Leave room for them. Kill time by making lists.

Mix them up. Randomize. See what you get. Or not.

Anyway, welcome the unexpected on its terms. Be stupid and open minded, as the best are, innocently.

There be fun things, new things, creative things yonder.

When you come to something, face-to-face-wise, and it takes your breath away, and you're not sure exactly what is happening, and when you recover, but not really, then.

Then you have something. When you look at it and get dizzy all over again.

After that you can get organized.

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