Monday, February 28, 2011

No Gnashing

 Biz Thoughts:   Toothpaste Magnate Finds an Eco-Friendly Encore

I used to think that Tom's of Maine was a joke.

I had the good luck to once know a woman. (You fill in the rest of that story.)

She used good old Tom's.

("Calcium carbonate. Mild abrasive. Purified calcium from the earth.")

I jested.

"Brushing your teeth with dirt again?"

I haven't seen her since 1988.

But Tom is real, feels, and has a new deal.

His first $5000 investment returned $100 million.

"He immediately flew to Europe with his son, Matt, for a celebratory trek across Wales."

And got an idea from watching wet sheep.

Which is what entrepreneurs are about.

What are you seeing?

The world around you must be hopping with opportunities.

After all, he only saw sheep. What are you looking at?



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