Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Recent Thoughts, December 6

  1. My love, Echinoia Eeeps, has a new hobby, singeing cotton balls while guzzling wine — singe binges. I'm so sweet on her forever.
  2. My love, Echinoia Eeeps, has taken up hunting. She uses a crossbow and stalks dust bunnies by candlelight. We roasted one last night for her birthday.
  3. My love, Echinoia Eeeps, had an extensive housefly collection until one of her cousins ate it to get a buzz.
  4. My love, Echinoia Eeeps, wanted fried fish but never caught any so she pounded me. Now it's a tradition, I guess. Got fish, send me some, I'm getting mushy.
  5. Whenever I think of farm tractors, I think of my love, Echinoia Eeeps. I don't know why. Maybe it's the low-end torque. Maybe the hefty lugs, or the paint job, but something. Whatever it is, it's magical.
  6. My love, Echinoia Eeeps, has taken up welding. "More productive than knitting," she says. Now I have a nice armored cage to sleep in.
  7. My love, Echinoia Eeeps, requested a sand castle of me, which I recently finished. "Too small," she said. "I want a real one." So I had to enroll in architecture school. After the bruises healed. (She has fists of iron, my love does.)
  8. My love, Echinoia Eeeps, made me turtle soup, or would have if she'd managed to catch me, even though she keeps insisting that I will no doubt taste more like rat.