Thursday, August 18, 2022


Prod Verbs

Run with the sheep.

A friend in need is like an umbrella without a pickle.

A twitch in the spine needs some twine.

Butt the mustard.

Katy, bar the kangaroo and meet me in court. Hop to it!

Let's get down to brat smacks.

Pull yourself up by your bootflaps, but be quiet about it. Maw is a-sleepin'.


Have anything worth adding? Then try
Me? Still learning how to try my shoelaces. (Having some trouble finding the right court.)



so says eff: sporadic spurts of grade eff distraction
definitions: outdoor terms
fiyh: dave's little guide to ultralight backpacking stoves
boyb: dave's little guide to backpacks
snorpy bits: nibbling away at your sanity
last seen receding: missives from a certain mobile homer
noseyjoe: purposefully poking my proboscis into technicals