Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Recent Thoughts, November 15

1. Winter sky, turning its eyes toward spring. Meat on the horizon treads quietly eastward. Stay indoors. Play dead. Your cat knows how. Just ask.

2. Farm lies quiet in abandonment. Crow eyes me speculatively, recalling its theropod heritage, but I have the teeth this time.

3. I never thought it would end like this. No one does, and why? Teeth in the dark. No way out. Goodbye, hamster. I didn't expect to be your lunch.

4. Haimish Jeebers married Sally Neck Lace for tax purposes and I'm still waiting to buy Lace-Jeebers products. Am I out of luck?

5. If mickel shoobers were a real thing, then what would the rest of us use our imaginations on?

6. Last night ants carried off every car on the block. They'll be back soon for the keys and insurance papers. So I hear.

7. My sister bought a helicopter. She's going to drop gum drops at gum drop drops, but only ones that sell floppy mops and cute printed cotton tops. Next Thursday, if not sooner. Keep your eyes peeled and wait expectantly.