Monday, February 15, 2010

Different / Difference.

Make Me Different. Make A Difference.

Say you have an idea. A big idea. A really, really big idea.


So who cares? Size does not matter.

Potency does.

Your idea does not matter unless it matters. That's all that matters.

It gets easier when you ignore everyone else. Things get quieter. Like in your head. And then things can happen. You got that message last time. Maybe it's sunk in by now. Hope so.

When you chase around, biting at flies, then if you are successful you get to eat a fly for lunch. Chasing ideas is like that too. There are lots of bad ones around and you don't want to catch them.

When you have a fixed idea about ideas, you are fixed. The way your neighbor's dog is fixed. Which is fine if that is your goal, but maybe not. Usually, when you have fixed ideas you are fixated on someone else's idea that happens to be stuck in your head.

And once it is, that alien idea, stuck, then you have a problem.

It's like a piece of spinach stuck in your teeth, but in a good way. A good way because it's a good idea. (You aren't dumb enough to chase a dumb idea. Duh.) You chase good ideas. But it puts you in a bad way too because that idea is already taken. You can only borrow it, at best. Or steal it and pretend you didn't.

But it's already used.

If you borrow an idea you can't make it your own. And a borrowed idea isn't new. Not fresh. Not so interesting. You will wow no one. Fact of nature. Game over.

You can't start the race after it's over. Doesn't work. All you get is a view of horse butts.

So you lose.

This is good.

Nothing succeeds like failure.

Failure is the world's way of freshening up. Once you know you are a failure you have nothing left to lose. You already know what does not work, so you are way ahead.

You have a freshly-fertilized garden, but freshly-failed, and no one is expecting flowers from it, so you are A-OK, ready to go, cleared for liftoff, in a position to wow.

Someone else's idea is not yours. Someone else's game is not yours. So you reset the system, and you get to start over, with rules that you yourself make up. Because you are a failure, and have tried to copy success, and have played by the rules, and have had that gold ring on your mind for quite a while, and lost out, you are desperate.

Or were. Once. Recently, in fact.

But that didn't work.

So you give up. You gave up.

You just play around at something, and that is when it can happen. Not always. No guarantee, but it can.

What can happen? What it is it?

Something new. Something unique. Something yours. Something that can change the world. Something you are in control of. Something real.

Real. Really real.

Focus on that.

Focusing on the real makes it real.

That which impresses may be big, and entertaining, but not always valuable.

That which speaks in a small voice may only be a random squeak, or it may be something valuable, and true. It may be something that has come to you and you alone for love and nurturing, because you were ready for it. Something that whispers truth and can change the world.

But you have to be there, and be open, and be honest, and be willing. Copying is not allowed.

If you are true to yourself at least you are true. You can't fake true, and people notice.

People like true. They will help you to be true, and to make more true, and to spread true around, and to become true.

Big ideas are always true at their core, and always start small, with the true part. Small is easier. Easier to understand, to make, to spread, to sell, to share, to appreciate.

Big comes later, but true comes first.

True is unique and different and honest, and wants a good home. And is always true. It is different from everything else and so makes a difference.

It will make you different and make a difference for you.

Which is what you want in creativity.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Big Government, Big Business, And Poor Little You

Government is a tool, to be used, or not, rightly or wrongly. It has no inherent value, no goodness or badness by itself, but it has great utility, and can do either great good or great harm, or both, simultaneously.

It is the responsibility of citizens to control and run their government. Complaining is both useless and pointless. Complaining about something that government does or does not do is like complaining that you have five fingers on each hand and don't know where to have lunch. It is completely irrational.

Shrinking government, or eliminating it entirely actually means converting from public government to private government. There is never a vacuum. Government will not go away by wishing it so. There will always be someone in charge of everything. If big public government were to go away it would be replaced by big private government. At that point citizens would lose the last bit of control and decline to the level of servants.

There is no free enterprise, never has been, and never will be. It's all about power and what power can get away with. Any segment of the economy left unregulated will be controlled by those with the power to control it. Unregulated economies move to monopoly.

Business does not result in better service or lower cost through competition. The way to make money in business is to charge the absolute maximum that the market will bear. Monopoly is vastly more efficient because it does less while charging more, and does not have to think.

There is no trickle-down economy. Never has been, never will be. All economies, especially the most lightly regulated, are trickle-up. Wealth always flows from the poorest to the richest. That is how the rich get to be rich. The rich do not create wealth, they take it. If the rich created wealth then everyone would eventually be rich because wealth would overflow.

Money is useless by itself. It has no inherent value or utility. Money is stored power, and operates only by the rules of social convention. It is useful only for what it can cause to happen. Paying for something is equivalent to using force, but more compact and cleaner. Money is also more portable than troops or weapons.

Wealth is always redistributed. This is what economies do, whether or not they use money. It is not wrong for a government to move wealth from one part of the population to another, nor is it right. It is only an operation, sometimes tactical, sometimes strategic, for accomplishing societal goals. If private entities accumulate wealth, that is also wealth redistribution in the form of sequestering, of concentrating power. If left unchecked then power will be concentrated enough to destroy public government and replace it with private government.

If the wealthiest 2% of Americans control as much wealth as the poorest 90%, then the other 8% constitute the middle class, and they have no real effect on the economy or on politics. Meanwhile that bottom 98% continues to grow in numbers and shrink in wealth, and power, as their real income falls. This process will take us back to feudalism, when at least 98% of the population was equivalent to farm animals, at best.